Statement on Defeat of I-732

“There is broad consensus that we need to do more to control carbon emissions, but there is a healthy debate about the right solution. Voters have rejected a flawed proposal to simply drive up energy prices on Washington families, workers and employers. Now it’s time to come back together to find solutions that reduce carbon emissions through collaboration, not higher energy bills.” – Brandon Houskeeper, Association of Washington Business


Fact Check: Yes On 732 Ad Says Consumers Won’t Pay The Energy Tax

By The No On 732 Team

The Yes on 732 campaign released an unsettling new ad today that misleads voters by saying consumers and households won’t pay the new carbon tax. The actress in the ad says “someone has got to pay for all that pollution in the air, why should it be me?” 

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12 Days Left to Defeat I-732

By the No On 732 Team

We are less than two weeks from Election Day and the race is starting to heat up. I-732 proponents have their first ad on the air and a recent public poll shows a tight race with nearly a third of voters undecided.

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Latest State Model Shows I-732 will Cost families $448 in 2020, $695 by 2040

By the No On 732 Team

Washington State recently updated their carbon pricing model, which sent us back to our research firm to analyze the impact of Initiative 732 under the state’s new assumptions. 

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MY TURN | I-732 will make Washington's budget deficit worse

Kitsap Sun, Published October 11, 2016

Initiative 732 would create a new and accelerating carbon tax while also cutting business taxes in Washington State. Intended to appeal to conservative voters, I-732 was advertised as revenue neutral. But it’s not. I-732 will make Washington’s budget mess worse.

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Our Voice: Uncertainty looms over carbon tax, I-732

Tri-City Herald, Published October 12, 2016

Initiative 732 would add a tax on carbon emissions while at the same time cut sales and business taxes.

While we agree that reducing pollution is a worthy goal, this particular initiative is surrounded by too many uncertainties and easily could create more hardships for businesses and families than proponents intended.

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In our View: Vote 'No' on Emissions Tax

The Columbian, Published October 3, 2016

Initiative 732 is a well-intentioned measure that doesn't quite add up. The Columbian's Editorial Board recommends a "no" vote on the initiative, which is a proposal to create a tax on emissions for the state's most polluting companies while reducing the sales tax.

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Can you say “fix I-732 in the legislature” 10 times fast?

By the No On 732 Team

From the beginning, I-732 proponents realized their rushed initiative had numerous problems. Although they promised revenue neutrality, they failed by nearly $1 billion. And we all know I-732 was never intended to be revenue neutral to families, farms, and businesses.

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Dan Wilson and Kyle England: Initiative 732's carbon tax hurts families, small businesses

The Spokesman-Review, Published September 24, 2016

In Eastern Washington there are three things we value above all else: our families, the natural beauty of our area and good jobs that allow us to live and thrive here.

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Carbon tax would hit working people hard

Crosscut, Published September 21, 2016

I-732 is meant to tax carbon emissions in order to reduce demand for energy generated by fossil fuels. The labor and social justice movements in Washington have a longstanding commitment to this goal. But I-732 is not the right approach. 

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New Report Reveals I-732 Will Cost Families $448 More Per Year, Threaten Jobs

The No On 732 Team, Published September 15, 2016

This year, voters in Washington State will have the chance to weigh-in on state climate policy for the first time. Unfortunately, the carbon tax proposed to voters in Initiative 732 is deeply flawed.

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I-732 isn’t going to solve global warming

Walla Walla Union Bulletin Editorial, Published August 31, 2016

The problems associated with global warming and pollution from fossil fuels aren’t going to be solved in Washington state. In reality, actions taken in the Evergreen State won’t dent the overall impact of carbon emissions on the world.

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Carbon tax proposal wrong approach for state

Tri-City Herald oped, Published August 13, 2016

Over the years, Washington voters have not had any opportunity to directly participate in the debate over climate policy — having to read about either multi-national agreements signed halfway around the world or Gov. Jay Inslee’s carbon dioxide reduction proposals in Olympia. 

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Campaign Launches to Defeat Proposed Carbon Tax

Association of Washington Business, Published July 2016

Workers, farmers and employers to focus on state progress in carbon reduction and negative economic impacts of I-732. 

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