Fact Check: Yes On 732 Ad Says Consumers Won’t Pay The Energy Tax

By The No On 732 Team

The Yes on 732 campaign released an unsettling new ad today that misleads voters by saying consumers and households won’t pay the new carbon tax. The actress in the ad says “someone has got to pay for all that pollution in the air, why should it be me?” 

Never mind that the vast majority of emissions in our state come from cars and transportation (maybe she never uses the roads). 

The real misleading claim is the insinuation individuals like her won’t pay the I-732 tax. The truth is consumers can expect to pay $.25 more on every gallon of gas right off the bat. In 2020, their household energy bills will rise by $448 per year. Once the tax reaches its zenith, that cost increases to $695 per year. I-732 proponents do not dispute these costs.

Proponents will try to argue a one percentage decrease in the state sales tax will offset the energy hikes. It won’t. The energy tax goes up every year while the one percent sales tax cut remains at just one percent. All proponents succeeded in doing with their sales tax cut is to slash the state budget by nearly a billion dollars, putting funding for schools and public safety at risk.

Having failed to convince voters that I-732 is the right solution for reversing climate change, supporters now have to hide the real impact of the initiative as part of a desperate, last-minute ad blitz. When voters learn the true cost of I-732, they know it’s not the right approach for Washington.