12 Days Left to Defeat I-732

We are less than two weeks from Election Day and the race is starting to heat up. I-732 proponents have their first ad on the air and a recent public poll shows a tight race with nearly a third of voters undecided.

The good news is we are keeping up the pressure. You may have already seen our own ad or noticed that every daily paper but one in Washington editorialized against I-732. In fact, a majority of The Stranger’s editorial board voted to oppose I-732.

Still undecided on I-732? Here is a handy infographic that explains the real costs – and no benefits – of the proposed energy tax.

The trend of positive coverage for the No On 732 campaign continued over the last week. Here are a few of the recent stories and opinion pieces:

·       The Seattle Times recommends a no vote on I-732.

·       The Spokesman-Review recommends voters say no to I-732.

·       The majority of the Stranger election board urges a no vote.

·       The No campaign earned a letter to the editor in the Olympian, pushing back on its endorsement on I-732.

·       Have you seen the ads on Google? The Progressive Voter Guide is up and encourages a no vote on I-732.

·       National interest continues with a recent piece in the Christin Science Monitor.

Thank you for your support and be sure to mail in your ballot!